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Meet the Team

Maarten Weck

EVP, Global Partnerships and Licensing

a man in a collared shirt and suit jacket

Meike de Vaere

VP Partnerships and Business Development

a woman with long hair wearing a black shirt and pendant necklace

John Taylor

VP Northern Europe

a bearded man wearing a navy zip up polo shirt with a white stripe around the collar

Pau Pascual

VP Southern Europe, MENA & South Asia

a man wearing a black suit jacket over a white button up henley shirt.

Jasen Wright

VP North America

a man wearing glasses and a suit jacket over a dotted, collared shirt

Ben Peace

a bearded man wearing a black suit jacket over a light blue collared shirt

Benjamin Bao

VP Greater China

A man wears a suit and glasses.

Evi Sari

VP Location-Based Entertainment

A head and shoulders headshot of a woman in a white shirt.

Clare Vosper Mortimer

VP Finance and Operations

A woman wears glasses and a black jacket.

Michael Ogunseitan

Creative Services Director

a man wearing a black shirt

Felicia Squire

Director, Talent Management

A woman smiles wearing a black shirt.
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