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What We Do

We connect the best brands with the best partners.    

We aim to be the top licensing partner for brand extensions.

Our talented global teams deliver expert guidance and innovative solutions to drive growth and brand engagement.

Peanuts X Metersbonwe

A young man wears an orange baseball cap and a shirt decorated in black and white comic strips.

LiQ X Malibu

a blue box with the word LIQ next to half a coconut filled with three scoops of Malibu flavored coconut ice cream

Rocky X Sweet Pants

A torso shot of a woman wearing a black sweater decorated with a boxing image.

Sauber Motorsports & Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen X Asia Kingston

a red bicycle with black tires, handlebars and seat

Twin Peaks X Dedicated

Young boy posing, wearing a white hoodie with Twin Peaks lettering

Peanuts X Cosmed

Two toys featuring a beagle on a red doghouse sits on a nightstand.

Peanuts X Iceberg

A boy and a girl posing, both wearing a black sweater with Peanuts insignia

PLAYMOBIL X Brava Fabrics

Folded colourful clothes decorated with toys sit next to toys that match the designs.


A decorative room full of furniture, a blue green couch, table, dark walls and yellow curtains
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